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About Backlink Checker

Here I will mention two links: inbound link and second one is outbound link. When website A is linked with website B that link is called Backlink or we can say that inbound link for website B and outbound link for website A.

Submitshop Tools initiated an online backlink checker tool, which is used to analyze the backlinks of your website at free of cost.

How does the Backlink Analysis Tool work?

The Backlink Checker tool is not at all difficult to operate. It is Designed in such a manner that using it is quite easy. You just need to enter a URL for which you wish to analyze the backlinks, and click on the ‘Submit’ button and the tool provides you with the desired result. It is important to focus on the backlinks pointing to your domain or the important pages so that you know how strong and distinguished the domain is.

Benefits of Backlink Checker Tool

We already know Backlinks are the most important terms in SEO. Backlink Improves organic rankings.

But One should also take care of why other websites are linking to your site and in what context. Are these links valuable to your website? Or are they harming your website? Yes, its true spam and malware sites can cause severe damage to your website. Good backlinks can rank your website in a positive manner. Similarly Bad or waste backlinks can also harm your website. So, always verify each link before adding it to your site.